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Great athletics has always been a part of The Ohio State University - but now it's the fans who are attracting attention!

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Comments & Testimonials

Please share your experiences about positive sportsmanship and being a best fan at Ohio State, around the Big Ten and across the country!



  • For a few hours this past weekend, I had the extraordinary privilege to experience several hours of tremendous sportsmanship, patriotism and true American spirit attending the OSU/Navy football game. These were hours totally devoid of hate, anger, bitterness, judgment, politics, criticism, pettiness and selfishness. They were hours brimming with respect, effort, talent, hard work, kindness, patience, competition, excitement and just plain, overwhelming enjoyment.
    ~Darl Anderson; Captain, USN (Retired); USNA Class of 1973
  • We couldn't have been treated any better in Columbus. It was amazing how many times we were stopped and thanked for our service. Everywhere we went, people wanted to talk to us. Many of my friends were telling me that they n...ow have to change their view of Ohio State. Many who didn't like them before will now root for them. It was a really cool experience.
    ~Donald Jack, USNA ‘91
  • Just wanted to pass on something that happened on Saturday. A friend of mine, Mike Marlatt, and I we tailgate jumping throughout the day prior to the game. As we saw USC fans he thanked them for coming and welcomed them to Ohio State. We got a lot of really surprised looks but also a lot of smiles and "thanks." Just wanted you to know that we were out there doing that and hope that those people will take that experience home with them and share with others - possibly extending a warm welcome to someone that attends a game there!! Go Bucks!!